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 Welcome to
The Mopar Motivators Car Club Website

 About our Club

Club History
The idea for the Mopar Motivators Car Club started in 2004 when Lonnie Johnson and Larry Harvel got together to discuss forming a car club. Their original intentions for organizing a club was so that local Mopar car owners could get together to attend drag racing events, car shows and cruise nights as a friendly group.  In April 2004 a meeting was held at Lonnie Johnson's repair shop, Compact Auto Works located in Ettrick, VA to see how much interet there was in the area into forming a car club.  The club started with a handful of members and from them the club now known as the Mopar Motivators Car Club was formed. It was decided that the club would be open to anyone that owned a Mopar car no matter what condition it was in, or to people interested in the preservation of antique, classic, drag cars, and special interest Mopar cars. Lonnie Johnson was the first club President. 

Club Purpose
The club was created with the idea of local car owners and enthusiasts being able to get together to attend car shows, drag racing events, cruises and other related functions as a group. Car ownership is not a requirement for the club. The club feels that anyone of good moral character who has a interest in the preservation of automobiles is eligible to join.
The club will host a yearly car show and cruise nights. The members also feel that in order to make our functions successful, it is important to make our visitors, participants and friends feel comfortable and welcome.

The members also intend to assist local schools, churches, civic groups and youth organizations with their projects. In general the club will have fun in all of the activties we participate in. Look for the club at any scheduled event on the east coast.

 Car Club Membership

We welcome your interest in our car club. All of our members have the same desire/passion for fine automotive craftsmanship.  We provide members with opportunities to advertise their vehicles and their businesses.  We host a car show and cruises, so you'll have a great opportunity to show off your favorite dream machine.  We have a great time together and will warmly welcome all new members.   The club consist of member that reside in North Carolina and Virginia. Meetings are held quarterly.  

You can find out more detailed information about what the club does on the car club events page. If you are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to contact Larry Morgan for a club application. Complete the form and send it to the club's treasurer, Larry Morgan.  He can be contacted at (804)732-5184.         

Membership dues are $25.00 and due at the first annual meeting. All active members are encouraged to join or help with a committee that piques their interest.  

Officer's Roster
  • President: Calvin Thompson
  • Vice President: Larry Harvell
  • Treasurer: Larry Morgan
  • Secretary: William Dunn

Officer elections are held annually at the February Meeting.  

Member's Roster
  • Arnold Parham, Disputana, VA                                      
  • Bobby Silver, Wilson, NC                        
  • Calvin Thompson, Henderson, NC
  • Cleveland Newkirk, Fuquay Varina, NC               
  • Edward Roberts, Petersburg, VA
  • Elton Whitley, Wilson, NC
  • Ernie Bolling, Petersburg, VA
  • Frank Smith, Petersburg, VA
  • Frankie Morgan, Suffolk, VA
  • Harold Gilbert, Raleigh, NC
  • Joe Green, Petersburg, VA
  • John Harris, Petersburg, VA
  • Johnny Jordan, Chester, VA
  • Larry Harvel, Carson, VA
  • Larry Morgan, Dinnwiddie, VA
  • Len Whitley, Hopewell, VA
  • Lonnie Johnson, Ettrick, VA
  • Robert Truly, Petersburg, VA
  • Robert Knight, Petersburg, VA
  • Sam Little, Louisburg, NC
  • Shaun Harvell, Carson, VA
  • Theodore Batts, Dinwiddie, VA
  • Thomas Williams, Ettrick, VA
  • Tony Oates, Baily, NC
  • Wilbert Valentine, Zebulon, NC
  • William Allen, Raleigh, NC
  • William Dunn, Smithfield, NC
  • Wynne Chuen, Petersburg, VA
Don't forget to tell your friends and fellow MOPAR car buffs about our site.  

Our Mopar Motivator Family